Based on the company’s belief in supporting students in their educational attainment, the Refinery participated with both Damascus University and Faculty of Sciences in honoring a number of professors, students and winners of the competition that was held at the celebration of the Arab Chemistry Day at Faculty of Sciences, which was held on October 23rd of last year at the University of Damascus.

The company offered sums of money, in-kind gifts, banners and masks in support of students and encouragement of research and scientific activities, in addition to launching a specialized (green) competition for the fourth-year students in the College of Sciences with a specialization of applied or pure chemistry or environment.

In turn, the University of Damascus and the Faculty of Sciences honored the Refinery for its efforts to make the celebration a success.

Dr. Hammoud Al-Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Damascus, said: Chemistry is a reality that we live in our daily lives, indicating that a chemist can produce some new materials from oil and coal, praising the role of the Refinery in treating, purifying and filtering used oils, and recycling oil waste and converting it to produce and manufacture base oils with good and high quality that comply with international standards, a matter that would be positively reflected on preserving the environment and eliminating pollution from it.

For her part, President of the Syrian Chemical Society, Dr. Lamia Al-Ma’mouli, stressed the association’s keenness on supporting scientific research in the chemical industries sector, noting the importance of cooperation with the Refinery in holding scientific lectures and seminars, in a way that contributes to developing the capabilities and skills of students, so that they enter the labor market supported by scientific knowledge and practical experiences that enable them enter the labor market.

Chairwoman of the Chemistry Department at Damascus University, Dr. Manal Daghestani, stated that the department aims to provide the labor market with scientific cadres, pointing to the possibility of the department to benefit from the scientific cooperation agreement signed between the University of Damascus and the Refinery, by carrying out scientific trips and field visits to the company’s headquarters in Dmeir area, and informing students about the mechanism of work of the Refinery and laboratory experiments carried out there.

Director General of the Refinery: Our goal is to support and serve the educational process.

Dr. Samer Abu Ammar stated that the celebration of the Arab Chemistry Day is an important initiative because chemistry is involved in various aspects of life, in terms of manufacturing industrial and food products, in addition to its importance in the scientific field.

Abu Ammar added that the Refinery participated in sponsoring the celebration of the Arab Chemistry Day within the framework of the scientific agreement signed with University of Damascus, to exchange experiences, encourage scientific research, and present prizes to distinguished students in order to encourage them achieve reliable scientific production.

He pointed out that during the next stage, there will be broader competitions and participations for the company, in a way that serves the educational process and contributes to pushing it to further progress and success.

In turn, Director of Public Relations of Damascus Petrochemical Refinery Company, Julia Awad who received the company’s honorary shield, expressed her pride in the honor and the distinction of the company, thanking the university for providing the opportunity to share the Refinery with professors and chemistry students in the celebration, noting the company’s constant readiness to provide support to students.

The Refinery’s pavilion at the exhibition.. an opportunity to let students know about the work of the Refinery

The Refinery’s pavilion within the exhibition accompanying the celebration witnessed a great turnout from the supervisors, the scientific and organizational committees, and students of the College of Sciences in various specializations, and it was an important opportunity for students to meet and answer their inquiries, especially with regard to the (green) competition that was announced about the Refinery, which is specialized for fourth-year students in all science faculties in Syrian public universities, with specialization (applied, pure, or environmental chemistry), in addition to introducing the work of the Refinery and coordinating with students to visit it in the future to introduce them to the nature of its work.